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Average Customer Rating: based on 15 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 15 customer reviews )
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13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5The best stroller for tripletsFeb 09, 2010
By Kripa Nath
we tried 4 different triplet strollers - this one is the best and i am not going to experiment further!
it has huge basket underneath that i can even do shopping at Costco with my trinity!
love it!
very easy to fold
goes into the back of the van
super easy to push and make turns
seats recline individually, so kids can sleep
supports for feet can be adjusted individually
comes with rain-cover

the only disadvantage - it is a little bit wide, so you can't enter regular elevators in the malls (you have to use the ones on the back for heavy duty) and also - it requires a little bit extra skills to keep it straight on sidewalks (that are tile-made, regular paved ones are ok since there are oversized).

the best stroller for the price!

ps: yes, it is a little bit heavy,
but have you seen light triplet stroller?!

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

2Liked at first.Feb 27, 2011
By Christopher Jones
I liked this stroller at first. Very easy to push and streer. Was definetly my husband's favorite.

But after a few months the back wheels started popping off. I went back to the Sylvan company which sells through amazon, they wanted nothing to do with me. Sent me a set of plugs to reset the wheels myself. That never worked. They kept pulling my chains to the point that my warranty was exhausted and they no longer would do anything.

Ended up throwing the thing away after loosing my wheel at the Philadelphia Zoo with 3 - 18 months olds in tow. Not w fun experience.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4good for 3 little onesJun 22, 2009
By Amy M.
I have 2 toddlers and an infant. This stroller is nice but very heavy!! It's great for walking on the street or trail walking. It's not so great for sidewalks, however. It takes up the entire space. Otherwise, nice purchase.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3It's Just OK.Jun 10, 2011
By Amazon Customer
I have 4 year old twins and a one year old. I contemplated a triple when my third was born but never really felt like I needed it until I wanted to start exercising. I really only needed the stroller for jogging and maybe taking BART into San Francisco and places the kids had to walk long distances.

I compared the 3 brands of triple jogging strollers, Safetech, Baby Jogger and Bebe Love. This stroller seemed like it had the best features for the best price with pretty good reviews. Especially since I will probably only use it a couple of years. It has the swivel wheel which I felt was the most important and also had the protection bar in front.

It arrived and my husband put it together super quick. PS...don't forget to pump up the tires before you go out for the first time (my bad mistake). I was out the next day pushing the kids around. It will fit through double doors when both doors are open but forget about going thru a single door. The stroller is wide and pretty heavy to put in the back of your SUV. If you don't have a larger SUV, do not buy this stroller, it barely fits in our Tahoe.

The fabric seems sturdy, it's easy to fold, the undercarriage storage is roomy, the footrests and seats adjust separately.

I really love the stroller but here is the big, big bummer: when I am running at all, the front wheels shimmy and vibrate. As soon as I slow down it stops. Sometimes it is just one wheel, sometimes it's both. I don't feel safe when it does this so I have to stop. I had my husband check the tires, the air pressure, the fittings, etc and he can't seem to find anything that's wrong. So, I feel like I bought a jogging stroller I can't run with. The stroller says it carries up to 190 lbs, which is totally wrong. My one year old weights 22 pounds, my twins weigh 35 and 30 lbs and if the wheels shimmy this bad with just 85 pounds, my guess is it would come crashing apart with maximum weight. I set the wheels to fixed and tried running again and the wheeld didn't shimmy but it was impossible to turn in any degree with so much weight. So, if you run and only go straight you are fine in the fixed wheel position.

Here's another huge bummer, I emailed the company over 2 weeks ago and sent a follow up email and haven't heard anything about my shimmy problem.

The stroller is made very cheaply and I think you are getting what you pay for, but I was ok with that since I'll only be using it for 2 years. But I sure am bummed that I can't run with my jogging stroller.

If I could return it, I would definitely spend the extra money on the baby jogger, hands down.

However, if you don't run and only walk and talk it to stroll around, its a fantastic stroller for the price.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

2Back wheels keep popping offApr 27, 2011
By keli stonitsch
I have had my triple stroller for over a year and walk 3 1/2 miles a day with my 4, 2, and baby. My back wheels started popping off after 6 months of owning and and now they have completely broke off. there is absolutely no way to contact the company. I feel like i just have to throw my stroller away. I am so disappointed and frustrated! it is a lot of money to be completely ignored. A local bike store tried to repair the wheels for me but were not successful. If you are planning on doing major excersising with this, think again. Get a membership at a gym.

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